In recent years, some organizations have developed and produced mobile phone jammer (also known as mobile phone blocker, venue purifier and meeting information security machine). Mobile phone jammer is a device to transmit strong interference signals within the frequency band of mobile communication (GSM / DCS / CDMA) and block the connection between mobile phone and the base station. Although this device is set to achieve the purpose of the restrictions on mobile phones in public places, but at the same time, it came at the expense of disturbance on mobile communication network and the order of the airwaves.

Currently, the methods for mobile Phone Jammer to block signals, including the full-band scanning interference, uplink signal interference, the downlink signal interference and noise interference. While the most typical and the most popular one is the mobile phone jammer providing full-band scanning interference. It is designed in simple working principle and low cost, and it has a wide range of applications.

The feature of radio waves that it can freely transmit in the air determines that the cell phone jammer is bound to cause interference to the normal operation of the mobile communications around and inevitably lead to chaos wave while achieving the purpose of blocking a specific area of mobile communications, which has been amply demonstrated from the theoretical and the practical interference examples, so the use of mobile phone jammer has been resolutely discouraged.