As most people know, different mobile phone has different working range, that is to say, every mobile phone has its own working range and it can block signals from mobile phone within a special range, however, the actual working range of mobile phone jammer will vary on the basis of signal strength.

In current market, more mobile phone jammers have been available, and more advanced technologies have been applied in the development of signal jammers. Some mobile phone jammers are adjustable. Users can adjust the interfering signals to be stronger or weaker according to their needs.

It should be paid more attention that there are some subtle differences between the actual working range of mobile phone jammer and printed working range while purchasing a mobile phone jammer. With 2000mA/h battery, the device can work about 90 minutes. It could be used in car directly; AC charge and car charge make sure users safe and convenient. The mobile phone jammer can cover down CDMA/GSM, DCS/PCS and 3G signal in jamming range of 20 meters.