As any cell phone user can tell you, the technology is not perfect. Even in urban areas like San Francisco there are way too many places where coverage can be spotty. Also, while one carrier may have perfect overage in a location, it is another carrier my offer nothing but dropped calls.

Everyone has discovered a dead zone at some point, but they can be especially troubling in your home, workplace, or along your commute. Fortunately, a cell phone signal booster can offer a solution to your reception woes. These aren't the cheap foil stickers you buy online (don't even bother with those); they're actually real products that can make a real difference. Your exact results will vary, and keep in mind that a better signal and better voice quality are two separate things, but we've found that these products can offer an improved signal. They run on the expensive side, but you might consider a clear phone call worth the price. These products are compatible with CDMA and GSM phones, but they don't support Nextel handsets like VHF Jammer does.